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Other Works by Lenny Cavallaro

Revised by Lenny Cavallaro

Paganini Agitato

Niccolo Paganini was probably the most influential violinist of all time. He earned a fortune, enjoyed celebrity status, and became the subject of endless rumors -- one of which was that he had made a pact with the Devil. Many believed he had indeed sold his soul. How else to explain the man who managed incredible feats of virtuosity, and who took Europe by storm, entrancing her with such music as had never before been heard?

Authored by Lenny Cavallaro as Lenny Abelson

The Ibbur's Tale

Professor Benjamin Dinerstein is more than a little surprised to find someone in his home when he returns from class. As he notes, "I was even more startled, because I realized that she was one of my former students. However, I was far more taken aback when I remembered that she had died a few weeks earlier."


Sherlock Holmes and the Mysteries of the Chess World

What mysteries will the various incarnations of Holmes and Watson uncover?


Two Oedipal Plays

New takes on Hamlet and a “lost” drama of Sophocles

Co-Authored with Grandmaster Korchnoi

Superstition & Sabotage

Viktor Korchnoi's Quest for Immortality

Viktor Korchnoi: the greatest chess player never to win the world championship.

Authored by Lenny Cavallaro

Trojan Dialogues:

The Memoirs of Diomedes

The Tale of Troy, as seen through the eyes of the Greek hero, Diomedes.

Co-Authored with Cook and Jannoni


The Mystery of the General Arnold

It was so cold, the salt water of the bay froze around it. The unspeakable anguish of those onboard who already knew they were dead men.


The Greatest Champion Who Never Was

Tom Molyneux, a black man born into slavery, wins his freedom with his fists. He then travels to England for two epic bare-knuckle bouts against the world champion, Tom Cribb. In the first contest, he knocked Cribb out, only to lose the fight as the result of various shady maneuvers. Truly he was "the greatest champion who never was."

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