Trojan Dialogues:

The Memoirs of Diomedes

Authored by Lenny Cavallaro

The Tale of Troy, as seen through the eyes of the Greek hero, Diomedes.

Trojan Dialogues:

Trojan Dialogues offers a very unusual rendition of the Tale of Troy, as seen through the eyes of the Greek hero, Diomedes. The novel reconciles  the different accounts conveyed in Homer’s immortal Iliad and other classical epics with the latest archaeological evidence. The author presents a somewhat more plausible interpretation of what may, indeed, have been historical events, along with highly imaginative explanations of the “thousand ships,” “Greeks bearing gifts,” Helen’s elopement with  Paris, Akhilles’ sexual preferences, and — of course — the “Trojan horse.” We shall never know precisely what, if anything, transpired on the shores of Asia Minor during the Late Bronze Age, but Trojan Dialogues brings us much closer to a realistic, though still highly romanticized picture.

"Having forced myself to read Homer's Iliad, this book was a much easier and  enjoyable read. Writing from the viewpoint of, at least for me, a lesser  known character worked very well."

-Ray Moon

"Author  Cavallaro's extensive research, attention to detail and vibrant dialog are evident here. This is a book you will want to read if you have an  interest in the mythology or history of ancient Greece."

-Sandy Hack

"This book is perfect for someone who might be interested in the story of the Iliad, but does not care to decipher the poorly translated poetry of  the original."

-Anita Gelbert

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