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Published Musical Compositions


Sonata for Oboe (or Flute) and Piano

00:00 / 01:04

a baroque sonata in four-movement (slow-fast-slow-fast) form

Op. 1


Songs Without Words for Flute (or Oboe) and Piano

00:00 / 06:43

three romantic pieces

Op. 2


Three Pieces for Cor Anglais (English horn) and Piano

00:00 / 05:59

two baroque pieces (an Adagio and a Fugue), and a romance

Op. 3


Sonata for Violin and Piano (or Harpsichord)

00:00 / 16:49

a baroque sonata in four-movement (slow-fast-slow-fast) form

Op. 4


“Raindrops” Fantasia for Violin and Piano

00:00 / 08:51

a set of free variations in romantic style2

Op. 5


Four Romances for Cor Anglais and Piano

00:00 / 17:10

early romantic works

Op. 6


Suite in G for Oboe, Cor Anglais, and Bassoon

00:00 / 10:40

a baroque three-part invention, two fugues, a classical rondo, and a Renaissance dance, all in one partita!

Op. 7


Sonata #2 in E minor for Oboe (or Flute) and Piano (or Harpsichord)

00:00 / 14:22

a baroque sonata in four-movement (slow-fast-slow-fast) form

Op. 8


Partita for Cor Anglais (unaccompanied)

00:00 / 01:04

a baroque suite for unaccompanied English horn (or cor anglais)

Op. 9


Conjectural “Completion” of Bach’s Contrapunctus XIV from The Art of the Fugue

00:00 / 10:20

a completion based on the dissertation of Indra Hughes


Reconstruction of Haydn, Concertino in C Major, Hob. XVIII:5

00:00 / 05:51

expansion of the solo part, with addition of a cadenza; a larger string section; minor changes to harmonies.


Classical Solos for the Cor Anglais

00:00 / 01:04

arrangements and transcriptions of popular works, including the first movement of the "Moonlight" Sonata.


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