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The Passion of Elena Bianchi

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Soul fractions have reconnected lovers in The Passion of Elena Bianchi. However, the hero and heroine must now brace themselves for the final onslaught of the Curse. Will their love prevail, or will the ancient malediction ultimately destroy them, as it has so many times over the past 2,000 years?

Free Published Works

A selection of free works of literature are available for download. These include Cursed Love, a prequel to If Music Be the Food of Love in addition to Bach's Last Composition and

The Good, the Bad, or the Ugly: You Decide, excerpts from The Passion of Elena Bianchi.

Other Published Works

In addition to his recent works, Lenny Cavallaro has authored many other publications over the years. Memoirs from the Tale of Troy, biographies of great personalities across the centuries, and other works rooted in historical events make up a broad body of work.

Hebrew Prayer Books

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