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Paradise Regained and Lost Again


Elena triumphs artistically, and her spiritual journey begins, but is all truly well?

Paradise Regained and Lost Again

In the aftermath of the startling revelation that concludes Book One, Giovanni faces daunting challenges. He will soon learn even more about the past and realize how little control he has had over his own life.

In desperate need of assistance, the star-crossed couple turn to Angela, who teaches them that things are not always as they seem. She also reminds them that Serena’s revelations have proven far more insightful than they could ever have imagined. 

Elena must overcome her own demons, but she will soon move in a totally different direction. She enjoys remarkable artistic achievements as both a conductor and a violinist, and she also finds an unexpected benefactor and mentor. At the same time, she begins a spiritual journey that will bring her back to Serena and introduce her to a vastly different world.

Meanwhile, Elena and Giovanni remain unaware of the lurking presence that stalks them. The ancient Curse has kept them apart for centuries. Soon, it will try to destroy Elena altogether.

The couple somehow overcome the initial traumas and enjoy eight marvelous years. Then, suddenly, circumstances change, and Giovanni must face an even greater threat than the ones he overcame.

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