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Passion's Curse


Elena’s life hangs in the balance as the Curse — aided by her brother’s karma — seeks to destroy them.

Passion's Curse

The final volume of the series revolves  around the fate of Naomi. Elena has already foreseen some of the pain  her daughter must endure, but even she is in the dark about the ultimate  consequences.

Naomi, 19, ventures into the world of  kink. She also falls in love with Mia, a classmate at the conservatory.  More significantly, her psychic powers begin to manifest, and it is  clear that she will succeed Elena as a psychic.

Giovanni  remains “clueless” about the spiritual struggles revolving around him.  When Naomi’s assailant escapes justice on a legal technicality, he vows  revenge, unaware that his quest for retribution will have dire  consequences.

As Naomi deals with the aftermath of  the nearly-fatal assault, will Giovanni turn to the Mob for assistance,  or can Angela control his desire for vengeance? Elena’s life hangs in  the balance as the Curse — aided by her brother’s karma — seeks to  destroy them.

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