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Excerpts from the Original Manuscript: PAGANINI AGITATO

Excerpts from the Original Manuscript: PAGANINI AGITATO

Niccolò Paganini (1782-1840) was a superstar: a virtuosic violinist, notorious womanizer, and reckless gambler. He was also widely believed to have sold his soul. Paganini Agitato, a novel based on his life story, was released by Fomite Press in August 2023, thirty-one years after the author's death. However, in preparing the book for eventual publication, the editor was obliged to delete portions of her original manuscript. Some of the material seemed quite interesting, but it did not serve the central purpose of the novel, which revolved around the question of whether Paganini had been consigned to the fires of Hell or had somehow escaped his pact with the Devil. This short volume thus presents new, additional material and is offered as a supplement to the novel.

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