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We're "Live" Again (to some extent)

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

It has not been easy, but we seem at last to have ourselves back in business. IngramSpark, who handle both print-on-demand (POD) and distribution, allowed me to transfer the first two books to my own account. If Music Be the Food of Love is back in print, and for the first time, Paradise Regained and Lost Again is also available in paperback at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble -- although the Barnes and Noble listing is without a cover. [IngramSpark have promised to update the listing!]

Amazon finally gave me back the digital rights. I have uploaded the two books in digital format and lowered the price to $2.99, which seems more likely to attract readers. I have made a similar request of Barnes and Noble, but they have thus far not responded. The two titles are available in digital format on B&N, but at an inflated price of $7.99 -- and I may never see a dime of royalties from any such sales!

The losses have been extensive. White Bird Publications owe me somewhere between $900 and $1,000, which I am unlikely to collect in full (or in less than three years). Worse, still, I was obliged to halt marketing at a very critical time, and I have now lost all the momentum earlier campaigns had generated. I can only hope that business will pick up from here, particularly if/when some other small publisher releases one of the later volumes. We shall see ...

Meanwhile, Giovanni, Elena, Angela, and the "soul fractions" are once again available. Here are the links on Amazon:

If Music Be the Food of Love (paperback):

If Music Be the Food of Love (digital):

Paradise Regained and Lost Again (paperback)

Paradise Regained and Lost Again (digital)

On Barnes and Noble:

If Music Be the Food of Love (paperback):

Paradise Regained and Lost Again (paperback):

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