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I should probably pay more attention to certain marketing necessities. For example, these days there is a huge "industry" devoted to book reviews, and authors often spend vast sums of money (e.g., $450 for Kirkus Reviews) to obtain them. On Amazon, anything less than five stars is almost an insult, although the posts on GoodReads tend to run lower, and anything over four stars is considered good.

I believe my best review to date is the four-star entry, below. I append the five-star as well, just for comparison. Key excerpts from the former:

<< The mystery behind “karma” and the “curse” was confusing at first, but as the story progressed, it became clearer. I loved the slow burn, the character development, and especially the descriptions of Italian culture and life. Angela was a character I least expected. She brought out a different side of Elena, gave Giovanni more information, and aided in their character development. Author Lenny Cavallaro did extensive research and that was apparent in the way the narrative was written. The ending was surprising, to say the least. I eagerly anticipate the next novel in the series. >>

Four-star url:

Five-star url:

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