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Two New Publications!

Russell Enterprises, "the largest dedicated publisher of chess books in North America," has released Sherlock Holmes and the Mysteries of the Chess World, in which I have summoned three generations of Sherlocks and five of Watsons (including an Orthodox Jewish rabbi!) to solve a variety of intriguing mysteries. The seven tales are preceded by a Foreword written by chess grandmaster and columnist, Andy Soltis. I was delighted to receive my "author's copies" earlier this week.

Meanwhile, my Hamlet, Revisited and Odysseus Acanthoplex have been combined in a single volume entitled Two Oedipal Plays. The former is a very short, one-act drama with a most unusual plot twist. Most of the text is written in iambic pentameter and came to me in dreams! The latter is the conjectural completion of a "lost" drama by Sophocles. Only fragments remain, but we know the source material on which the tale was based, and I was anxious to present yet another drama in which a son killed a father -- one with which Freud was totally unfamiliar!

Both works are available in paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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