"Soul Fractions," Part Two

“Soul Fractions,” Part Two

Sometimes two people share so many characteristics and traits that it seems almost as though they share a soul as well. This possibility has spawned the term, “twin flame.”

Of course, these designations are quite new to English lexicography, and thus people may use them somewhat differently. Essentially, all twin flames are soul fractions, but they refer to the connection between only two people. Soul fractions are presumably smaller, and the energies may be spread out among many people.

Sarah Regan describes the second concept thusly: “A twin flame is an intense soul connection with someone thought to be a person's other half, sometimes called a ‘mirror soul.’ It's based on the idea that sometimes one soul gets split into two bodies. One of the main characteristics of a twin flame relationship is that it will be both challenging and healing” (

Lisa Vallejos explains that twin flames do not necessarily fall in love: “This kind of high-level, soul-based connection isn’t about romance. It’s about spiritual growth” (

I suspect some other novelist will attempt to develop the twin flame — romantic or otherwise — more thoroughly. However, the concept that lies at the crux of The Passion of Elena Bianchi is truly that of soul fractions, rather than twin flames.

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