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I have begun writing on Substack, although it will take a while to build any sort of "following." My first three posts addressed the question: Are "Literature" and "Pornography" Mutually Exclusive Concepts? The urls: = Part 1. = Part 2. = Part 3.


I also have a "book trailer" uploaded for the first volume, and while I am uncertain whether book trailers actually move titles of this sort, I was delighted that my son, Jacob, was able to add my performance of the "Kreutzer" to the sound track!

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This one came from I shall probably do some promotional work through them soon. Meanwhile, here are a few choice excerpts, as well as the url link to the full interview. 4. Which one o

It has not been easy, but we seem at last to have ourselves back in business. IngramSpark, who handle both print-on-demand (POD) and distribution, allowed me to transfer the first two books to my own

Evelyn Byrne-Kusch, who ran White Bird Publications, died suddenly in early May. She was a wonderful woman, and I considered her a true friend. Unfortunately, Evelyn precipitously died intestate, and

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