Threads and Dark Clouds


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Threads and Dark Clouds

A few weeks quickly turn into months, and Giovanni becomes increasingly worried. Angela and Marco both advise him that the Italian police will be as good as useless. However, Marco suggests an alternative: LUCA Cattaneo, an Underworld boss.

Through his skill at briscola and scopa (two Italian card games), as well as his willingness to play at various weddings, Giovanni wins Luca’s trust. The Don’s people trace Elena’s strange odyssey: to a crematorium in Introgio, to a boat ride in Malcesine (where she spilled something into Lake Garda), to Merano, Innsbruck (Austria), Schattenberg (a tiny town in Liechtenstein), and back to Italy, eventually reaching a healing center in Rafinnicci called La Seprione da Rotezine. Giovanni is greatly relieved and begins to get himself back into good physical condition, running and pounding the punching bags as he had in his youth.

Unfortunately, the American ex-pat has also been photographed leaving Luca’s home. For some reason, the Neapolitan photojournalist has faxed the pictures to Cohen, whose tabloid runs a blistering piece in the Inquisitor and even alludes to secrets in the pianist’s “family” closet. Giovanni panics, fearing that his incestuous relationship with Elena will be exposed. He is most afraid of the pain that would cause Elena and Maria.

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