The Coin


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The Coin

Angela explains Mia’s situation to Naomi. Elena had warned Mia that she would suffer trauma, and Naomi does not understand why her mother didn’t simply tell Mia what would happen, rather than alluding to sorrow and loss. Angela explains that Elena often withholds information, simply because people might otherwise try to avoid the inevitable. She cites lessons from the Oedipus saga: that we cannot outwit the Fates, or in this case, our own karma.

Angela also reminds Naomi of the pain that she, too, will face. She explains that while Naomi “will survive and blossom, ... [Your mother] sees, but she cannot prevent what will happen. What she can do is guide you, and let you know that in the long run it will be all right.”

DAVID, Giovanni’s cousin, calls the day after Christmas. His father, UNCLE ISAAC, has suffered a heart attack, and the Bianchi family abruptly decide to fly out for a short, six-day visit. This will also give them the chance to see UNCLE SAL, who is ninety-seven.

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