Complications in Paradise


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Complications in Paradise

ELENA explains that there is considerably more to the story than GIOVANNI conveyed. She is distressed that he sees nothing wrong with his lingering ties to the Cattaneo family and does not regret the deaths of the journalists or the men who tried to “break” Luca’s casino. Her brother instead notes that they enjoy the benefits, including her orchestra, and she is alarmed that he has even retained a mob attorney “to deal with his numerous speeding tickets.”

Elena tells her brother she is most concerned about how he will react to a “horrible crisis” that will arise in the near future. However, she is unable to communicate all the details, and her efforts result in considerable friction. Giovanni barges out in a rage.

Elena reaches out to ANGELA for help and finds (to only her mild surprise) that Giovanni is visiting her. She suggests they all go down to Minotore, where Angela, an accomplished mediator (and attorney), may perhaps be able to facilitate meaningful dialogue.

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